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CAEx Uzbekistan

CAEx Uzbekistan

A unique and multifunctional business arena, which allows you to customise the pavilion to suit any projects and format.

About us

Uzbekistan has the greatest investment potential in Central Asia. With the goal to make a contribution to the economic growth of the country, the multifunctional exhibition platform for holding large events, congresses and national and international exhibitions with a total area of 23 000 sq.m. will be launched in September 2023.

Central Asian Expo (CAEx) is the newest and ultra-modern exhibition facility which provides opportunities for unique experiences to be created.

The impressive construction of the exhibition venue is a synthesis of Eastern architecture and modernity. It is an amenity that continues the deep cultural traditions of Uzbekistan in new architecture,respectfully maintaining the history. The fairground space allows for a variety of events and accommodates up to 16,000 people.

The exhibition hall has two levels with an area of about 4,000 square metres, the space of which is complemented by more than 10 conference rooms and meeting rooms.

CAEx's technical capabilities meet international standards, thereby providing a wide range of any event of your choosing, cultural or otherwise.

O Central Asian Expo (CAEx)
О выставочном павильоне

Heart of Central Asia

The heart of Central Asia - Uzbekistan has been the foremost destination of the civilised world. Uzbekistan sits on the ancient Great Silk Road - the most historically significant  trade route known to mankind, strategically located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Uzbekistan has the greatest investment potential. Prosperous sectors of Uzbekistan:



8th worldwide by production



USD 1,14 bln. in export



1,866.9 bln. cubic metres reserves



7,000 operating enterprises

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

governmental incentives - USD 9 bln.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

3rd largest pharma market in CIS


Exhibition venue capabilities

Service offer

The CAEx exhibition area is equipped with modern engineering and communication equipment that meets all international standards.

CAEx offers exhibitors and exhibition organisers services for the construction of stands of any complexity.

Moreover, the exhibition area provides a full range of logistics services, which include:

  • unload and load of equipment;
  • rigging;
  • temporary warehousing and storage of cargo;
  • the provision of customs brokerage services


Service offer

The exhibition area features:

  • 4 technical gates measuring 6 x 6 metres
  • artificial lighting – 500 lux per 1
  • ceiling height is 11 m
  • load on the floor is 3 tons per 1
  • conference halls and meeting rooms – >10 pcs
  • food court areas – 8
  • air conditioning
  • AV facilities, elevators, escalators
  • handicapped access
  • high power outlets, hot & cold water
  • internet access and WiFi
  • security and cleaning services
  • event planning and guest services

The exhibition area features:

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  • Address: Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Barkamol mahallah, Milliy bog street, 1